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When it comes to banks, you want to know that your money is in safe hands. No matter how much you have, in the ups and downs of this strange economic climate, you want to feel reassured that your money is being kept secure. Worldwide banking companies might be the most famous, and because of their sheer size, they may be able to offer some good rates. However, if you want quality customer service along with good rates and advice, First Merchants Bank should be your first port of call.

First Merchants Bank is a well established company with branches located all over Indiana plus two locations in Ohio. As well as a variety of banking services, First Merchants also offer great deals with insurance – often at a cheaper price than more mainstream insurance companies.

A problem that many banks have is the fact that they treat customers like a number on a piece of paper. If you are tired of being dealt with in a really impersonal manner, look to First Merchants Bank to receive the type of service that you deserve.

First Merchants put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Rather than offering just general service, they offer all types of very specific banking to suit each person’s individual needs. First Merchants also cater to the masses and offer different accounts depending on the type of banking that a person requires and both personal and commercial bank accounts can be opened with the company.

In general, looking for the perfect bank to suit your needs is about shopping around and seeing what each company can offer you. Usually, you have to compromise on either customer service or the right deals. Fortunately, with First Merchants Bank this compromise no longer need be an issue. First Merchants’ friendly advisors can help you set up whatever it is that you want, from starting up with a savings account to opening an account to help with our business. Even a system to pay your mortgage can be set up with First Merchants.

Other than savings and general banking, First Merchants also offer great insurance policies. Their personal insurance for example is all about protecting what is dear to you. The experts at the bank basically work as the middle man to ensure that you are getting the best insurance deal possible – they will go to various insurance companies and will strive to get you good quality, reliable, and cheap coverage. This coverage could cover a whole range of things such as health, life, auto, homeowners or flood. Each policy is mainly aimed at giving you peace of mind.

Since the phenomenal growth of the internet in the past few years, and the ease of access that so many people have thanks to mobile devices, smartphones, and Wi-Fi connections to tablets and laptops, it is no wonder that the banks are catching on. First Merchants Bank understands that making a trip to your bank isn’t always convenient in the middle of your working day, so they have a great online banking service which allows customers to check balances, e-statements and also make payments all within a few clicks!

So if you are thinking of switching banks or you are planning to open up your first account, serviously consider First Merchants Bank – they not only offer a great quality and varied service, they are also a friendly group that you will most importantly feel comfortable leaving your money with.

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